Protax LLC offers its services at a contingency of 35% of the tax savings. We also offer flat rate fees depending on the size and type of property being considered. Please contact us for details. We are currently in the process of constructing this page so that you will be able to request our services on-line. Unfortunately, this page is still under construction. If you would like additional information regarding our services or fee structure please contact us @ 1-800-660-7692 OR you can reach us via email at


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    The vast majority of the tax savings we achieve for our clients stems from the primary principle of “Fair Market Value”.

    Quite simply, whenever the assessed value exceeds the fair market value of your property…



    Reductions under Section 51 ( Proposition 8 ) are granted on an annual basis and adjust the value on a TEMPORARY basis for the tax year in question only, while base year reductions under Proposition 13 permanently reduce the assessed value for the entire ownership period. During the past 11 years, Protax LLC has represented nearly every type of property imaginable and like people each property is unique. Along the way we have encountered an endless array of interesting circumstances that generate property tax savings in a variety of ways. Although our case studies demonstrate some dramatic property tax savings, it is important to note that our average client recognizes a tax savings of approximately $4,000.