Michael Middleton – CEO

    As the founder of PROTAX LLC it has been Mr. Middleton’s philosophy, that the success of the company would be directly measured by the successful results achieved for its clientele.

    The Protax LLC business model was formulated on Mike’s vision to implement a Pro-Active strategy coupled with a steadfast objective to provide superior customer service. Today Protax LLC holds a position in this industry transcendent to that of the competition.

    Through this Pro-Active policy the company is able to accelerate the process of achieving fair valuations and tax refunds. This serves as a great benefit to the clients of Protax LLC and is a cornerstone to the company’s success. As CEO, Mike orchestrates the effectiveness of operations while delegating tasks among the host of professionals that support the company.

    With Mikes long term presence in this industry, he has established professional relationships with Assessment and Taxation Authorities throughout California. Most importantly, Mike is recognized for his credibility and dedication to the profession which has been a leading factor in sustaining a high success rate for his clientele.

    Mike completed his formal education at Kent State University in 1982. Mike began his career as a sales agent of Commercial Real Estate in Cleveland Ohio. During his first two years Mike specialized in the sales of investment grade properties for private and institutional investors. Mike was later employed with a local Civil Engineering firm in San Diego performing field site surveys and engineering calculations.

    Mike was also employed as a professional model and commercial spokesperson for a number of years and in 1985 he appeared as one of the first on-air sales representatives for a television shopping network in San Diego. (America’s Shopping Channel)

    During 1987 Mike worked for Harris Lanier where he sold phone and dictation systems. In the following three years Mike was employed with MAI Basic Four and Blue Bird Systems. It was there that Mike got his exposure to the hi-tech industry while selling application software, mini and main frame computer systems, and eventually the first generation multi-user systems that operated strictly on personal computers.

    After the start-up of Protax LLC – like most successful entrepreneurs – Mike found a better way to control the business and to provide a superior service to his clientele. With his focus to serve the owners of small to medium size properties Mike realized that he would need a highly customized operating platform to manage the endless stream of data that would need processing.

    With his previous exposure to operating systems Mike was able to implement a core computer tracking and management system. Over time this system has enabled Protax LLC to operate in a timely and efficient manner which is the cornerstone to providing exceptional customer service to its clients today.

    Mike is available to discuss with you, the services and tax saving opportunities at Protax LLC!