Melanie Pierson – General Manager

    Melanie has been with Protax LLC since 1994. Upon her initial employment, Melanie assisted the administrative staff in word processing support. Through her consistency and attention to detail, Melanie was promoted as the General Manager of Protax LLC.

    Today Melanie is directly responsible for a staff of 10 individuals and for the filing of approximately 6,000 property tax appeals in nearly all 58 counties in California.

    With the rapid growth of the Protax LLC clientele, Melanie was instrumental in streamlining much of the administrative duties. With her skill in computing and programming she also processes the majority of the invoices subsequent to property tax refunds and from tax bills that reflect valuation reductions.

    Melanie extended her education by enrolling in an intensive advanced program for corporate administrators. In this program Melanie finished with the highest scores in her year of graduation.