Q: Is PROTAX LLC a government agency? Does a property owner need to pay a fee to appeal their property taxes? Can a property owner appeal their own property taxes without an agent?

    A: PROTAX LLC is not associated with any government agency. If you disagree with the assessed value of your property, you have the right to an informal assessment review, at no cost, by contacting the assessor’s office directly. If you and the assessor cannot agree to the value of the property or if you do not wish to contact the assessor you can obtain and file an application, at no cost, on your own behalf. An appeals board has the authority to raise property values (but in no case higher than the proposition 13 protected value) as well as to lower property values.

    Q: What is the privacy policy regarding this website?

    A: PROTAX LLC does not collect personal information on this website. Information sharing is therefore not applicable.