Total Assessed Value Reductions: $ 350,000,000

    Total Tax Savings: 3.5+ Million Dollars

    The “specialty” category includes several different types of properties, all of which do not fall within the seven largest standard property types. Protax LLC has represented such a tremendous variety of properties that is nearly impossible to list them all. Therefore, we have put together a sampling of some of them more interesting cases that we have encountered through the years.




    Case Study #1: Fortune 500 company specializing in mortuary services!

    Total Tax Savings: $357,000

    One of the largest mortuary services in the country contacted Protax LLC to review the assessments on over 140 funeral homes and cemeteries they owned and operated throughout California. After an in depth analysis of the portfolio Protax LLC determined that many of the properties had very low base year values and were assessed well below their actual fair market value. Nonetheless, 20% of the portfolio was over-assessed and therefore a series of informal requests for reduction were prepared and submitted while numerous formal appeal applications were filed. During the four year contract the client recognized a total tax savings of $357,000 divided among 30 properties.