The company PROTAX LLC was founded by Michael Middleton in June 1990 and his brother Christopher Middleton joined him in early 1991. In the early years of its formation Mike took on all the duties of marketing, negotiating with tax assessors, preparing tax appraisal studies, and appearing at tax appeal hearings in nearly every county throughout California while Chris focused on accounting and administrative procedures.

    To grow a successful company, the brothers recognized the need to be supported by professionals who would offer the finest representation to its clientele. Today Protax LLC employs over 30 individuals who have specialized educational and experience backgrounds in appraisal, tax law, testifying and administrative skill to serve its clientele.

    In the industry, Protax LLC has the distinction of being one of the most formidable property tax appeal organizations. The company has provided services for commercial and residential properties to owners of more than 20,300 properties. A testament to the effectiveness of Protax LLC is that a substantial number of clients that have continued to rely on its services for more than 20 years.

    Please take a moment to view the profiles of a few PROTAX LLC individuals who
    are dedicated in meeting a common objective: affecting a fair value for your property.